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Curly pet is the only ALL-IN-ONE software that lets you manage your pet boarding, daycare, and grooming
business from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
Dual calendar
Curly's dual calendar manages boarding, daycare, and grooming in one place, providing easy access to tickets and smooth customer checkouts.
  • Boarding calendar
  • Grooming calendar
  • Multiple services in a single ticket
  • Easy to use with drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Tip splitting
Customers Communication
  • Pet parent portal and mobile app
  • Text Reminders and Two-Way Text
  • Digital agreements
  • Report cards
Other Key Features
  • Branded online booking site
  • Multiple Integrated Payment Solutions
  • Create service packages
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Staff Management
Customer service Onboarding Support
  • 24/7 In-App support
  • Free data migration from your current software
  • Dedicated account manager and phone support
Take Control of Your Pet Business
Curly provides personalized demos that showcase the ease-of-use of our software plus our industry-leading customer support, helping you to serve more pet parents and their furry friends! Book a demo now to see it live
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About Us
Curly Pet Software is the ultimate software solution for your business, exclusively designed for boarding, daycare, and grooming facilities. Our purpose is to revolutionize your operations and amplify the customer experience. Curly is packed with robust features such as customer communication, boarding scheduling, grooming ticket management, staff management, and analytics reports, it is a game-changer. We’re on a mission to supercharge your business, freeing you to concentrate on delivering care and for pets.
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